LeDom.cc’s Top Ten Outrageous Cycling Socks

Sock doping in recent times has become a culture in itself amongst the cycling community. Sock height, colours, designs and brands are all key elements in the sock doping discussion, with cycling socks available to suit any taste. It quite often features as a discussion on our tours, as well as appearing on regular photos on our social media accounts. Outrageous cycling socks provide a (relatively) cheap way of bringing some style and panache to even the most plain of kits, so get involved in the #sockdoping culture now!

We?ve compiled our list of the 10 best pairs of socks that to us sum up the philosophy of sock doping – of course these aren?t in any particular order!

MAAP: Black Coral



They are bold, the design is simple and understated! Let the socks do the talking we say!

Tenspeed Resort Blue Cloud

The guys over at TSH, do things differently and their sock designs definitely typify this. Their Resort Blue socks are?covered in clouds and blue sky to help when those moments on the bike aren?t pretty!



Sako7: Mondrian White

Sean Sako has developed a reputation for creating socks that are bold, using colours that stand out and create difference. And while the Mondrian White?s aren?t the most bold in colour choice, the colours are synomous with the Tour De France and an icon of the cycling world Greg LeMond.



Pedal Mafia: The Black Cube

Hailing from Perth in Australia, Pedal Mafia have created a range of socks for everyone, from the really loud and out there, to the designs that are completely understated but scream style! The Black Cube does both!



Hbstache ? Decade Pro Pink

Hi Vis, Fluro and Pink ? Sock Doping in a nutshell! If you’re not seen on the road wearing these, then you’re clearly not doing it right! These bad boys will have you not only seen, but will no doubt be a conversation starter at the coffee shop too!


The Athletic ? La Cubiste Crazy Leggs

Odd socks, people are probably thinking you’re mad ? lets just clarify that yes you might be mad, but when they are this outrageous and stand offish its perfectly acceptable! Would you be brave enough to wear them? We definitely are!



Pluvia: Sock Orange

Are those drops of sweat or drops of pain on this pair of socks? Either way they stand out through the boldness of the orange. They?ll fit well with a wide variety of kit choice, and will see you rise amongst even the pure sock doping addicts.



4SHAW ? White Coolmax 6

Who doesn?t like dots, that are full of colour and scream style! 4SHAW with there White Coolmax definitely do! Of course maintaining the 6? height requirements of Sock Doping. Definitely a pair to keep in the draw for that epic ride, and not on any old ride!



HELLS 500 ? Cotton Socks

The creators of everesting amongst many other rad things have a pair of socks that depict what they are all about: In search of Up and the adventures that come with those rides. These socks scream this, simple, clean and very much understated!


Podia.cc ? Rainbow White

Stripes, colours and simplicity ? Podia.cc have definitely nailed the Sock Doping brief. They are simple there?s no denying it, but when they have this much style and panache why the heck should it be anymore!



Have your own favourite Outrageous Cycling Socks? Please share it with us by commenting on this article below or by sharing it with us on?Twitter,?Facebook?or?Instagram.

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