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Dan Holford

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How long have you been riding for?

Out in the Cheshire lanes with my Uncle from being 6 or 7 years old, so for a while!

How many bikes do you own? Which is your preferred one and why?

Currently 6! I used my 6 series Trek Madone in the KOM TdF, but my Cannondale CAAD10 has been my go to bike for everything else this year. It?s one of the best bikes I?ve ever owned.

Why did you start Cycling? Fitness, injury, midlife crisis?

After the introduction to it at a young age, I became hooked. I?ve been an addict ever since.

Favourite region to ride in Europe? Why?

Spain: Calpe and the Northern Costa Blanca. I?ve spent a few summers there and it has it all, climbs, the coast, the flat and very little traffic.

What?s your ideal cycling ride fuel?

Nakd bars: all natural, easily digested and perfectly sized for a jersey pocket.

Dream place to ride in the world and why?

I?d like to spend more time in Northern California, I had a few days in the Santa Rosa area and where the Tour of California takes place most years. It?s the sheer scale of North America compared to Europe that makes it special.

Have you ridden Alpe D?Huez??

Yes, as part of the Le Domestique KOM TdF. The Alpe was bitter-sweet, I had the opportunity to ride up and experience an iconic climb that I?d seen on TV from being a child, but it was where the best week I?ve had on a bike ended.

Favourite local climb near home? What is unique about it?

The locals call it ?The Isle of Skye?, the official name is the A635 to Holmefirth. it?s not far from Holme Moss and is around 5km long. Maybe not unique, but and is great for training.

Best region to ride at home??

The Peak District, nothing too extreme, it just flows.

Favourite Coffee stop? What?s your order?

Seafront cafe/bar in Calpe, make mine a Cortado.

Favourite pro peloton rider past or present?

Greg Lemond.

Most memorable moment on an LDT tour you?ve been on?

The Club des Cingl?s on Mt Ventoux, the whole day was amazing.

Recovery shake or beer after a long day in the saddle?

Neither! Just an Americano.

What event / tour are you planning for 2016 and why?

I?m already booked onto the KOM Giro trip in June 2016, with climbs like Stelvio, Mortirolo and Gavia need I say any more?!

Funniest cycling story?

Not a funny story, but my advice if you?ve run out of water and cycle in summertime Spain for a further two hours without a drink, make sure that you check to see what you look like before you walk into a bar or restaurant…


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