Meet our Guests – David Foreman



David Foreman

Age (optional)?

35 no sorry ?.. 53

How long have you been riding for?

4 years

How many bikes do you own? Which is your preferred one and why?

In my head I own many bikes in reality I? own two bikes a Carbon (plastic) one and a ti one?..beyond doubt the ti bike, classic looking, smooth frame and still fairly unseen on the roads that are full of? Carbon (plastic)?..and ti isn?t as expensive as one thinks..?

Why did you start Cycling? Fitness, injury, midlife crisis?

I got through my mid life crisis but I started due to Injury after many years of long distance running, with a knackered right knee I was seeking a fitness activity. ?My good friend had just taken up cycling so I bought a cheap road bike?.the obsession began?

Favourite region to ride in Europe? Why?

I loved the Pyrenean Raid, I love Provence but for some reason Italy keeps calling out to me and I need to pick the phone up!!!

What?s your ideal cycling ride fuel?

Do you need to ask??Riley?s oat bars, tried them once and now make them myself!!

Dream place to ride in the world and why?

There are too many places to mention, which is the beauty of the sport but Italy remains high on the hit-list, spent a week this summer at the base of? Ventoux which was pretty cool. Would like to ride the Cape in South Africa, visited many years ago and found it the most beautiful place and so now I cycle would seem a no brainer to return.

Have you ridden Alpe D?Huez?


if no: how high on your bucket list to ride is it?

Close to the summit.

Favourite local climb near home? What is unique about it?

Rowdow, Pilgrims way nr Otford? a climb that just keeps on giving?..and my chums hate it!!

Best region to ride at home?

I suspect Yorkshire but my flat capped mate hasn?t invited us yet???

Favourite Coffee stop? What?s your order?

Eynsford Caf??..Black Americano?brown toast peanut/butter or nutella

Favourite pro peloton rider past or present?

Geraint Thomas?.attitude is outstanding??

Most memorable moment on an LDT tour you?ve been on?

There are a few but the Tourmalet day on the Raid has to be it, a very long day from dawn to dusk, dramatic scenery, truly outstanding climbs and descents, French hospitality (none,? just a Carrefour) and of course superbly supported by LDT.

Recovery shake or beer after a long day in the saddle?

Beer beer and beer.

What event / tour are you planning for 2016 and why?

Looking to ride a multiday adventure again?to and from?.but where, that is the brief?!!!

Funniest cycling story?

I once wore my wife?s bib shorts by mistake, there was me thinking Castellis come up a bit tight, ?and only realised half way into the ride??..fortunately my mates never noticed?.


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  1. Alberto Vongole says:

    Actually we did notice David – the pink lettering gave it away – we just knew it was deliberate on your part.

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