Meet our Guests – Kim Scheub

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Kim Scheub

Age (optional)


How long have you been riding for?

20 years


How many bikes do you own? Which is your preferred one and why?

Carbon Trek Madone with custom clouds paint (makes me lighter!), Independent fabrication Steel frame road bike with couplers, Trek Aluminum TT bike, Calfee Custom Carbon Tandem, ancient K2 Proflex 5500 Carbon full suspension mountain bike (purchased new in 1999!). ?Definitely love the tandem most…its fast, light and a bit on the freak show side. ?Love to ride and race it with John. Nice to be able to talk while you ride without always saying ?what? Cant hear you with the wind?

Why did you start Cycling? Fitness, injury, midlife crisis?

Fun and fitness. ?Love to see the world on the saddle of a bike!

Favourite region to ride in Europe? Why?

I have only cycled in Spain thus far and it was fabulous!! (thanks for the great Mallorca experience!)

What?s your ideal cycling ride fuel?

Do you mean other than coffee and pastry?? ?Usually use Cliff bars.

Dream place to ride in the world and why?

Would love to ride across Europe for an entire summer. ?Have never cycled outside of Spain and think the various country sides of all of the European countries would be fabulous!!

Have you ridden Alpe D?Huez?


If No: how high on your bucket list to ride is it?

Eh…not so high. ?The challenge would be great, but would prefer a ride that was not quite as death ride as that one…Up and Down!

Favourite local climb near home? What is unique about it?

We live on Cape Cod in MA so there is NO local climb (unless you count the highway overpasses) we travel to New Hampshire for our climbs. ?We love The Mount Washington Road Climb 8 miles with avg grade of 12% and a 22% kick at the end (have done that on singles and on the tandem). ?Also love the Kankamangas/Bear notch ride with a few hefty 3 mile 9% climbs.

Best region to ride at home?

New Hampshire, Western Mass, Vermont

Favourite Coffee stop? What?s your order?

Love all of the little privately owned coffee shops. I like a nutty flavored black coffee and a chocolate ?clair…Yummm. ?I mean, isn?t that why we ride? So we can eat donuts without guilt?

Favourite pro peloton rider past or present?

Kristen Armstrong. ?Any woman who can average 300 watts in a 1hour TT has my utmost respect. She is awesome!

Most memorable moment on an LDT tour you?ve been on?

My favorite was Sa Calobra in Mallorca. ?What an amazing climb and the views unbelievable. ?Our ocean side lunch at the bottom before our gut wrenching climb out was awesome. ?Riding near the bison on an earlier ride was exciting as well…little did I know that would be good training for Masters TT Nationals this year which also had elevation, climbing and bison!

Recovery shake or beer after a long day in the saddle?

Definitely beer. ?Hoppy IPA for me, please!

What event / tour are you planning for 2016 and why?

Going back to Nationals with John to compete in the 90+ Masters Tandem TT in North Carolina.

Funniest cycling story?

Hmmmm. ?I think my funniest cycling story was in Moab, Utah. ?We spent all day climbing a ?locals only? ride called ?Top of the World?. ??Its a technically difficult ledgey steep mountain bike climb that ends in a beautiful mesa top overlooking Onion Creek Canyon and Fisher Valley. ?As we were sitting there resting, feeling so satisfied that all that work culminated in our being able to?take in the full beauty of the nature around us , we suddenly heard a ruckus behind us. ?In a flash of dust and exhaust, an ?under exercised? middle aged Southern gentleman pulled up on his fume spewing 4 wheeler, smoking a cigar, with an open Budweiser in his cup holder and a sidearm on his belt!! ?God bless America!


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