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Mike Horsbrugh

Age (optional)?


How long have you been riding for?

5 years

How many bikes do you own? Which is your preferred one and why?

5 at present, either of my two road bikes

Why did you start Cycling? Fitness, injury, midlife crisis?

Recommendation from a consultant who asked if I?d ever considered cycling. He did operate on my other knee a couple of years later, with the timing of the operation agreed so as not to impact on either of our cycling commitments.

Favourite region to ride in Europe? Why?

I?ve only experienced the Pyrenees (twice) and a bit of cycling in the Garfagana Area in Northern Tuscany during family holidays. The reality is anywhere to cycle is good for me, if the road?s dry and away from the city I?m a happy boy.

What?s your ideal cycling ride fuel?

Stoats oats bars are a staple along with Clif bars but there have been a couple of rides supplemented with a macaroni pie. I?ve been moving away from gels, but I will carry a couple just in case.

Dream place to ride in the world and why?

Not sure I have a dream place, but the Alps are where I would like to go next.

Have you ridden Alpe D?Huez?

No, not yet.

If no: how high on your bucket list to ride is it?

It?s up there with Ventoux, two iconic climbs which will have to be done soon. You sometimes think that age might be a time bar, but Roy at 75 threw that one out the window.

Favourite local climb near home? What is unique about it?

Talla Brae (Talla Wall). The approach is along Talla Reservoir where you can see the road cut into the hill side, there is a sharp left turn at the bottom and then you are straight onto the climb which is approx. 20% at its steepest, not that long a climb at 1.8km but always a good measure of fitness.

Best region to ride at home?

Scottish Borders, easy to mix things up in terms of climbs, routes and distances and easy access when you live in Edinburgh.

Favourite Coffee stop? What?s your order?

Steam Punk Cafe in North Berwick, first flat white with savoury muffin, second flat white with seeded flapjack.

Favourite pro peloton rider past or present?

Fabian Cancellara

Most memorable moment on an LDT tour you?ve been on?

The Tourmalet on a clear day, a stunning view back down the valley and the fun of the ?team time trial? to the coast.

Recovery shake or beer after a long day in the saddle?

Usual ritual on a Saturday ride would be recovery shake, shower, beer, but also known to miss the first two.

What event / tour are you planning for 2016 and why?

I?m sowing the seeds for a trip to the Alps next year with LDT. I enjoyed the raid and an opportunity to experience cycling in another area and to take on some more challenging climbs just has a perverse appeal.

Funniest cycling story?

Being a novice and not realising that pants shouldn?t be worn along with bib shorts, as the pain became unbearable they were ripped off at the side of the road to avoid having to find somewhere to strip.


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  1. adrian turner says:

    Had the pleasure of cycling with Mike this summer, not only a great cyclist but a good guy all round.

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