New Routes Friday – Surrey Spikes

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New Routes Friday

Needing some inspiration for?the weekend but just don?t want to get too far from home? A new feature from LDT is the New Routes Friday segment, where we’ll be putting together route suggestions that don?t mean leaving early and getting home late! Using the #LDTNRF hashtag we’ll be posting photos and routes on our Instagram and Strava pages and would encourage anybody that has tried these routes to do the same – rate them (good or bad), suggest tweaks, suggest additional routes or recommend cake stops – we’d like to hear it all!

Best of all, if you would like to try this or any of the other #LDTNRF routes, but don’t want to ride solo, you can get in touch via the details at the bottom of the post and we’ll arrange to join you.


The Surrey Spikes

The Surrey hills are one of the most popular locations for cyclists from London. Starting in the small quiet village of Ripley, just off the A3 & M25 for those driving (it’s known as the gateway to the hills), with easy access from London as well as for those living closer to the South Downs you can always find cyclists out in the lanes no matter what day of the week it is.

The route provides some great climbing to get your winter training off to good solid start. Steep gradients and technical descents will keep you on your toes and allow you to hone your?skills for the following season. The route takes in 3 very well known climbs of the Surrey Hills -?Newlands Corner, Whitedown and Bagden Hill at the back of Ranmore common to finish things off! All have their differences, but one thing that they all share in common is gradients in excess of 13% in parts! Combined with technical descents, the narrow lanes on the route will test even the most seasoned Alpine rider and provide challenges for those who regularly ride the roads in the area.

You can download the strava file for the route by clicking on the link below

New Routes Friday – Surrey Spikes.


If you?ve ridden this route or something very similar let us know your thoughts, otherwise if you’d be interested in riding this route but don’t want to head out unaccompanied, then please get in touch via and I’ll?be happy to join you on this fantastic route!

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